We already have available the essential tool for any paddle school.

M3 after many months of work has developed a system of teaching and content management of classes with the m3todología of Jorge Martinez.
With this tool the club will have the annual, quarterly, monthly and daily planning of all classes taught in the school of the club, avoiding daily improvisations, working with a new methodology and worldwide prestige and managing to transmit a homogeneous message from all the technicians of the school.

Integrated with Padelclick, each teacher will have the daily classes in his cell phone and will be able to see the students of each class, validate it, pass attendance and if you are a club certified by M3 see the planning of the session.



In the image we can see the 3 classes of Miguel’s day and how we can validate the class or enter the planning, by clicking on the data part of the class it displays the students as we see in the image below and we can pass the attendances.


Very soon we will have more functions such as making an evaluation of the student or recording a video and uploading it.

If we click on planning we can see in text mode what we have to work on in the session as we can see in the image below.image

If the technician wants to see more details of the session to be taught, by clicking on see complete session we will have an image with the exercises to be performed.


In M3 we have developed all the sessions of a season for all possible levels. More than 400 sessions and 1200 exercises for your school to work in an orderly and modern way. We also have planning for Intensives, Short Cycles, Thematic, Children’s Classes…