At M3PA we help padel clubs all over the world to achieve their growth goals and professionalization.

Padel is a young sport but has a huge worldwide growth potential. In this expansion context, clubs that have good management and sports planning, well-prepared coaches and a good learning methodology, will lead the process of transformation and professionalization of padel.


Management padel school

Collaboration Agreements

Management & Consulting

Construction of padel facilities

Padel school management

Collaboration agreements

Managament & Consulting

School construction

Management of


Increase your incomes and reduce costs externalizing the whole management of your padel schools.

What services do we offer?

  • MPadel coaches selection and training
  • MM3 work metodology
  • MTraining programmes creation
  • MA padel academy for competitive players
  • MPadel matches and tournaments organization
  • MOther services


One of the best equipped clubs in Madrid.

  • 550 students.
  • 18 indoor courts.
  • Coordinator + 6 monitors.
  • Competition programme 3 levels.
  • International programme.
  • Amateur schools all levels.

A reference club for padel lovers.

  • 450 students.
  • 10 indoor + 3 outdoor courts.
  • Coordinator + 4 monitors.
  • Competition programme 3 levels.
  • Amateur schools all levels.

Agreements of


Make a big entrance into padel with M3 and turn into a Nº1 club.

With our agreement, we help different padel clubs owners all over the world to reach their goals in a profitable and secure way.

Advantages for your padel club with the m3 agreement:

  • MWe establish a long-term partnership to make you a reference padel club in your influence area. "Club M3 Certified"
  • MYou have the right to use "by M3 Padel Academy" in your brand website, social networks, and advertising
  • MWe implement the M3 methodology
  • MWe give padel training courses to your coaches
  • MWe make you an exclusive training centre for M3 trainers
  • MYou have the possibility to send your trainers to training at M3's facilities in Madrid.
  • MWe do face-to-face consultancies to establish your coaches and players goals
  • MWe do online consultancies to measure the established goals
  • MWe give visibility to your club on the M3 website.
  • MYou have priority when sending groups of clients to M3's facilities in Madrid.
  • MWe send you technicians to develop training activities and padel events to promote your club.


Managing a padel club is not easy, even less so if you want to have a successful club.

To achieve this, you need to have a good management team and a technical staff of coaches, who are able to coordinate the schools, attract players of all levels, organise activities, and most importantly, achieve an occupancy rate per court close to 100%.

M3 Padel Management & Consulting is a service designed for those who need advice for the start-up, supervision of the day-to-day administration and sports management of their padel club.

What is include in Management & Consulting?


  • Consultancy in the design and planning of the facilities and in the search for the bestsuppliers
  • Help with the economic plan
  • Help with pricing policy and promotions
  • Help with Marketing plan
  • Visits to TOP facilities

  • Coordinar el evento inaugural.
  • Seguimiento mensual de las ventas y del plan de negocio.
  • Apoyo en la creación de las escuelas de pádel y actividades relacionadas.
  • Planificaciones de las sesiones.
  • Reciclaje y formación del equipo de entrenadores de pádel.
  • Ayuda con la implantación de herramientas tecnológicas.

  • Revisión del plan de negocio, con especial atención en los costes operativos.
  • Evaluar las jornadas de comunicación y promoción en el club con propuesta de buenas prácticas.
  • Promover nuevas actividades que fomenten la asistencia de público y la matriculación en las escuelas de pádel.
  • Formación continua del equipo de entrenadores de pádel y personal administrativo.
  • Seguimiento del plan de Marketing
  • Apoyo al equipo gestor.

Construction of


Do you want a space designed for professional padel practice?

Thanks to our structure and network collaborators, we coordinate all services, providing quality solutions and adding value for the construction of professional padel facilities. We bring experience and method to local talent and create multidisciplinary teams anywhere around the world.

Installations construction process. 6 phases:


Definition of objectives in close cooperation with the padel facility manager and our technical planning team.

Facility concept

Definition of the installation concept according to project requirements, customer needs and M3 recommendations.

Planning and construction

Management and coordination of the construction process of the facility according to the project, time commitments and approved budgets.

Training process

Training of managers and staff, training of coaches and training with the planning tool. Opening, management and implementation of all padel facilities according to project requirements.

Collaboration agreement

Definition of the collaboration proposal: M3 Club Certified, collaboration, exclusivity... The proposal includes: Continuous training plan for coaches and managers, entertainment activities for customers: professional exhibitions, weekend training sessions..., among other activities to promote padel.

Gestión y consultoría

Monthly monitoring of sales and business plan, with special attention to operating costs. Evaluate the communication and promotion days in the club with proposals for content generation.

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