We are M3, and this

is our way of seeing

the world

through padel:

making a passion our way of life

About us

Our history

Our history begins in the Club Alameda in Madrid, where Jorge Martínez used to give tennis classes. There he met David Morales, whom he trained, and together they tried amateur padel for the first time.

Time forged a friendship between the two men which they took into professional padel; this friendship, together with their passion for the sport, and their different but complementary professional profiles, led them to team up as entrepreneurs.

First they founded the Mystica padel brand, which they ran for more than 10 years. And then as founding partners of M3 Padel Academy, the world’s first padel academy designed for professional players.

M3 arose from an idea that had been forming in Jorge’s mind, through his multiple experiences as a trainer and coach of professional players of both sexes, amateurs and children.

Jorge believes that padel is a team sport and must be played as a group. These principles, together with a human-centred and holistic approach to high-performance sport, focussed on the complete development of the player and the person, are the origin of the M3 Method.

We strive to train future champions while at the same time instilling the values that make players and trainers better people, as well as good athletes.

Jorge transmitted his enthusiasm for this project to David and to Miguel Matía, and the surnames of the three of them give the academy its name: Martínez, Morales and Matía (M3). Miguel, the third of the founding partners, is currently not part of the company, but he maintains very close personal links with the academy.

As time passes, we can say that M3 Academy is essentially a project that goes beyond competition. Our success lies not only in having some of the best players in the world. It also lies in a pioneering work system that combines physical, technical and mental training with education through sport and team spirit.

Padel is a young sport, but it has enormous potential to grow worldwide. With our philosophy we help clubs all over the world to meet their objectives and lead the process of transformation and professionalization of padel.




For our teammates, opposing teams, trainers, umpires and our symbols.


To learn discipline and daily effort to overcome adversity.


With our teammates, rivals on and off the court.


To our promise and to these rules.


To give everything at all times, to make a little more effort every day and to build our dreams.